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Records & Regulatory Issue Courses

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Records And Regulatory Issues

The student shall be provided the opportunity to study the principles of health regulations for interstate and international movements of animals as enforced by state and federal regulatory agencies. Provide the student with control measures for rabies to include why it is reportable and to what entity and the regulations for rabies to prevent its spread to humans. Pullorum-Typhoid, Avian Influenza, Exotic Newcastle Disease to include the prevalence of fowl diseases and the regulations to prevent is spread. Acquaint the student with food safety and drug residue programs, carcass disposal to include regulations and who is responsible for making sure carcasses are properly disposed of. The student will learn animal welfare regulations responsibilities of the veterinary practice. Medicalwaste disposal to include the hazards of diseases and injuries, the proper disposal of blood, tissue, and sharps to reduce environmental hazards and animal and human dangers, pesticide regulations, and laws related to Veterinary Medicine which includes laws governing veterinary practice, what are the effects of these laws on management and operation of the practice, and how the laws affect the practice.

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