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Principles & Methods Of Disease Control Course

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Principles And Methods Of Disease Control

The student shall be provided the opportunity to study principles and management practices as preventative measures against disease to foster optimum health of animals. This will include the sources of diseases, transmission of diseases and resistance and immunity of animals against diseases. The study will start with various therapies including drug and chemical therapy, nutritional therapy, physical therapy, supportive therapy and surgical therapy. Next we shall study the nutritional management to control internal parasites, the sanitation management to control internal parasites, and strategic administration of drugs to control internal parasites. In addition to internal parasites, we will discuss the environmental management practices used to control external parasites and the strategic administration of chemicals to control external parasites. The student will learn about the use of chemical disinfection that is used to control animal diseases. The will learn the types of chemical disinfectants the handling and procedures for their use. The student will learn of the dietary management of small animals to include balance and problems due to nutritional errors. The importance of animal nutrition for Dogs, Cats, and exotic pets will be explored.

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