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Practice Management & Client Relation Course

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Practice Management And Client Relations

The profession of Veterinary Assistant will be explored and the career opportunities available to the student. Students will study the changing relationships between people and animals in society, current issues and legislation regarding animal rights and animal welfare, the student will have the opportunity to study the office procedures employed in a veterinary practice. The students shall learn proper client protocol and the interpersonal techniques to use when dealing with clients. The student shall have the opportunity to practice proper communication skills for optimal working relationships among employees in a veterinary practice. In addition the student will study the transmission and control of causative disease agents that affect the health of animal patients and people. Included is the importance of proper storage of animal foods to maintain food quality and safety. The student will study the anatomy and physiology of animals and functions of the body systems of the normal animal. The student will study the terminology used in a veterinary practice.

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