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Pharmacology & Examination Procedure Course

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Pharmacology And Examination Procedures

The student will study the fundamentals of pharmacology including recognition, calculation, labeling, packaging, and administration of common veterinary drugs, biologics, and therapeutic agents. Discussion of normal and abnormal responses to these agents will be included in this course.  In addition, the student will study the calculation and measurement of medication dosages and techniques and routes of administration of medication to patients.

The student will be introduced to the techniques used in physical examinations. The will learn the importance of and how to measure the body temperature, pulse rate, and respiration rate. This will include the importance of the physical examination in diagnosing problems and diseases, the animal’s medical history and records, using observation as a diagnostic technique, restraining techniques for the examination. Discuss the reason to bandage or not bandage patients for medical treatment, learn the different types of bandages, techniques for applying bandages. They will study clinical services and benefits of rehabilitating patients.

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