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Handling And Restraining Animal Courses

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Handling And Restraining Animal

The student will learn how to care for patients in a veterinary practice. The student will study sanitation, bedding and housing techniques. The student will study normal and abnormal animal behavior. The student shall study the importance of properly handling and restraining animals in a veterinary practice by discussing the safety purpose of proper restraint to prevent harm to the patient and handler. This will include using ropes and learning the tying of knots used in the restraining of animals to include secured knots, quick release or slip knots, types of knots used to tie a rope to an animal, and the type of knots used to tie an animal to a physical structure. The student will learn the proper techniques for handling and restraining dogs and cats during examinations and treatment. Also the student will learn how to handle and restrain rodents, rabbits, and exotic animals by understanding fear responses, and catching the animals. How to determine the age of animals and how to identify the different breeds of cats and dogs by discussing the characteristics shared by all members of the Canidae and Felidae families, describing the classification system for dogs and cats, and identifying the different dog and cat breeds

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