Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary AssistantPrepare for your new career as a Veterinary Assistant in months at Westech College. As a student, you will learn how to help veterinary practices to care for animals in laboratories, animal hospitals, and clinics. You will also understand how to administer medication, manage cages, and provide nursing care before and after surgery and other medical procedures.

The duties and responsibilities of a Veterinary Assistant may include:

  • Preparing and insertion of I.V. catheters
  • Cleaning and disinfecting cages, kennels, and exam and operation rooms
  • Restraining animals during examination and laboratory procedures
  • Maintaining and sterilizing surgical instruments and equipment
  • Monitoring and caring for animals after surgery
  • Helping provide emergency first aid to sick and injured animals
  • Giving medication or immunizations that veterinarians prescribe
  • Assisting in the collection of blood, urine, tissue samples, and fecal samples.
  • Preparing and applying bandages and splints
  • Feeding, bathing, and exercising animals

How to start your career

  1. Call us at (844) 707-8243 to speak with an Adviser.
  2. Visit ourĀ Schedule a Tour page and request information.
  3. Complete the form on this page to get answers to your questions.
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There is no cost or obligation with any of the options you choose.

Career programs available to you at Westech College include:

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
VAEExternshipVariesVaries140 Hours
VAFEMFirst-Aid, Emergency Management & Surgical ProceduresVariesVaries100 Hours
VAHRAHandling And Restraining AnimalVariesVaries100 Hours
VAINDInfectious And Non-Infectious DiseaseVariesVaries100 Hours
VALPLaboratory ProceduresVariesVaries100 Hours
VAMSMicrosoft Office 2007VariesVaries100 Hours
VAPEPPharmacology And Examination ProceduresVariesVaries100 Hours
VAPMPractice Management And Client RelationsVariesVaries100 Hours
VAPMDCPrinciples And Methods Of Disease ControlVariesVaries100 Hours
VARRIRecords And Regulatory IssuesVariesVaries100 Hours

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